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Hi, I'm Grandpa Beck

As a family-owned and operated company, we make games that help families create fun.

We are personally invested in our customers' experience. My cellphone number is included with each set of rules, and a recipe card from Grandma Beck is in each box. Why? Because we want our customers to be more than just satisfied.

Families who love — and share — Grandpa Beck's Games are our best salespeople!

Families naturally spread the word about our games throughout their local community!

Fill Your Shelves with Fun

1. Submit an order.

Complete the order form, selecting
any quantity of games, small or large.

2. Join the fun.

Play our free demo games (available on your first order). Stores that sell games the best have owners and employees that play and enjoy what they sell.

3. Sell games!

Our best salespeople are the very customers who buy the games, enjoy them, and refer them to their friends!

Delight your customers.

In game stores, toy stores or even hardware stores, our games are high-performing evergreen titles.

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