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It’s been a ruff day and your dogs are barking. As one of the local dog walkers, it’s time to get these pooches back to their homes.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the friendly neighborhood mutt is on the loose again and he loves to play! If you want to get home before everyone else, you’ll need to give that good boy a bone to distract him or wind up chasing your dogs all over the neighborhood.


The game is played over three rounds (for a faster game, just play one round). Each round, you’ll take turns playing cards until someone goes out by playing their last card.

Each turn, you must play either a dog that matches the number, color, and/or breed of the dog previously played, or an action card. If you can’t, you’ll have to draw a card! If you are quick, you’ll even be able to play certain cards when it’s not your turn! At the end of each round, points are tallied for cards remaining in each player’s hand.

After three rounds, the player with the fewest points wins and is chosen as The Most Paw-some Dog Walker!

Portrait Photo with Contents of Board Game Representing Nuts about Mutts at Grandpa Beck's Games


Dogs: 84

Mutts: 12

Fleas: 6

Doghouse: 4

Fire hydrant: 2

Pedigree: 2

Dog Bones: 7

Bone Awards: 7


Whoever walked a dog most recently is the dealer. Have them shuffle the deck and deal cards to each dog walker as follows based on player count:

3-5 players: 10 cards

6-8 players: 8 cards

Place the remaining cards next to the dealer as a draw pile. Flip one card from the draw pile and put it in the center of the table to begin the dogpile (discard pile).

If the flipped card is an action card (teal background), continue flipping cards until a dog card is shown.

Grab a dog bone from the box for each dog walker minus one (ex: for a 5-player game, use 4 bones), and place them evenly around the dogpile, award-side down. For added paw-thenticity, you can use real dog biscuits!

Play begins with the dog walker to the left of the dealer. 

Now let’s get these puppies home!

Card Types

Portrait Photo with Contents of Board Game Representing Nuts about Mutts at Grandpa Beck's Games

Dog Cards (84)

Dogs are numbered 1-14 (each with a different breed) in three different colors. There is an exact duplicate of each card. Breeds appear with different numbers for each color. Background patterns are to aid color-blind players.

Action Cards (26)

There are 5 different kinds of action cards in the deck, each one forces a unique action to take effect. All of them have a teal background. They are wild and can be played atop any card in the dogpile.

On Your Turn

You must play a dog card or an action card on the dogpile. A dog card must match one or more of the following atop the dogpile: number, color, or breed. 

An action card may be played on top of any card in the dogpile. When played, it forces a specific action.

Once an action card is resolved, if a dog card is not atop the dogpile, the active player selects a color for play to continue. The next player must then play a card of that color or play another action card. 

If you were unable to play any cards on your turn, you must draw one card. If the card you draw can be played following the above rules, you may do so immediately and your turn ends. Otherwise, add it to your hand.

Play then continues to the left.


Portrait Photo with Contents of Board Game Representing Nuts about Mutts at Grandpa Beck's Games


A match is a dog card in your hand that is identical in color, breed, and number to the card atop the dogpile.

A run is a dog card of the same color that is one number higher or lower than the one atop the dogpile. 

Matches and Runs may be played at any time (except during the resolution of an action card), even when it’s not your turn. You may play as many as you are able, shouting “Match!” or “Run!” aloud as you do. However, you must play each match or run individually to give others a chance to interrupt. If two players attempt to play a match or run at the same time, the first card laid down is the one that counts.

If you start your turn with a match or run you may also play an additional card following the standard rules.

When a match or run is played out of turn, play continues to that player’s left.

Important: Playing a match or run may count as your turn instead of playing a dog card or action card. 

NOTE: For a simpler game, you may choose not to include matches or runs out of turn or not include them at all. 

Action Cards

Walking dogs isn’t a walk in the park! These action cards will slow down other walkers to help you get home first!

Important: After an action card is resolved, the active player names a color for the player to their left to follow. The exception is the Pedigree card (explained below).

Dog House: Force the player with the fewest cards to draw 2 cards. In the case of a tie, each tied player, excluding yourself, must draw 1 card.  

Making someone draw a card will definitely put you in the doghouse!

Fire Hydrant: You may force any other player to swap hands with you.

Show everyone who’s the top dog!

Fleas: Force the player directly on your left and right to draw a card or play a Fleas card of their own. For each player that is able to play a Fleas card, you must draw 1 card instead. You may not play a second fleas card to counter their response.

Somebody will be left itching for revenge!

Mutt: Immediately after a Mutt card is played, all players (including you) need to cover up one of the dog bones. The player left without one must draw 1 card.

A bone is a great distraction to keep that playful Mutt from riling up your dogs! 

Pedigree: Choose a breed of dog from your hand (or a breed of your choice if you don’t have any dog cards). Starting with the player to your left and ending with you, everyone may play all cards of that breed from their hand. Play continues as normal based on the last dog card played. If no dogs are played, you will choose the color for the next player to follow. 

Veterinarians use their pet-degrees to tell different breeds apart! 



Apryl, Brent, Cathy, and David are sitting clockwise around a table. Apryl plays a dog card. Cathy plays out of turn with a match. Play continues to her left. It is now David’s turn. At the start of his turn, he plays a run, allowing him to play a second card.


Apryl, Brent, Cathy, and David are sitting clockwise around a table. Apryl plays a dog. Brent plays a Fire Hydrant. Brent and David switch hands. Brent chooses green to continue play. It is now Cathy’s turn. She plays a dog card.


At the end of each round, look at the cards left in your hand and score based on the following:

1 point for dog cards

2 points for action cards

After three rounds, the player with the least total points wins the game. If there is a tie, the first player to bark after the scores are announced is the winner.


You are the MOST PAW-SOME DOG WALKER! Flip the bones over and have each player claim their award.

Make sure to snap a picture for pup-sterity!


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FOR PUPPIES (ages 4-6)

To simplify the game for little walkers, deal only 6 cards to each player and omit runs and matches. You may choose to remove all or some of the special cards. It may also be easier for your little walkers with smaller paws to put their cards face-up on the table.


Game: Brent Beck assisted by Loni Jenks and Family

Development and Production Management: Jeff Beck
Copywriting: Jeff Beck, Cathy Bock, David Bock

Illustrations: Apryl Stott

Graphic Design: David Bock and Cathy Bock