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By royal decree, each of you are hereby proclaimed the Ruler of a Magical Kingdom of your very own!

Unfortunately, your Kingdoms are vacant and devoid of Magic, meaning they’re not actually magical at all…

Very conveniently, a multitude of magical Creatures are currently searching for a new Kingdom to call home!

Each Creature you persuade to join your Kingdom adds to your Kingdom’s Magic and it’s Ruler’s glory.

The Ruler with the most Magic once all the Creatures have found a home is crowned…


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Key Terms for Rulers

Creature: Bizarre beings that instill Magic in your Kingdom

Clan: A collection of two or more compatible Creatures.

Magic: The element that you Rulers will contend to collect.

Kingdom: Each Ruler’s domain where Clans of Creatures live.

Land: A Kingdom’s two halves: The Highland & Lowland

Your task is to renew your Kingdom’s Magic by recruiting Creatures.

It’s a tricky task. Creatures are very particular sorts. For starters, they won’t join a Kingdom by themselves. To coax Creatures into joining your Kingdom, you must form Clans by pairing them up. 

After you form a Clan, it will settle in your Kingdom. However, Clans won’t live just anywhere. Most will live only in one of your Kingdom’s two Lands; either the Highland, or the Lowland. 

Each time you add a Clan to your Kingdom, you’ll stack it across the previous Clan (They don’t like to mingle with one another). The exposed Clan atop each Land in your Kingdom is vulnerable.

You see, just because you provided these Creatures a Clan and a home in your Kingdom, it doesn’t mean they’ll remain loyal. Clans can be recruited by other Rulers.

Rivals can send out Creatures to convince one of your Clans to join their Kingdom instead. You can counter with your own Creatures. The winning Ruler gets to keep the now larger and more magical Clan.

Once all the Creatures have been deployed by their Rulers, each Kingdom’s Magic is tallied, the Ruler with the most is crowned...THE MOST NOBLE AND SUPREME MAJESTY OF MAGICAL MIGHT!


1 Crown

8 Kingdoms

131 Creatures

8 Turn Guides/Kingdom Powers

60 Constellations (advanced rules only)

1 Spare card


  1. ALL of you grab a Kingdom and place it in front of you.
  2. Take a Turn Guide too; place it beside your Kingdom.
  3. One of you Rulers, grab the deck and give it a shuffle.
  4. Deal a hand of 6 Creatures to every Ruler, face-down.
  5. Place the remaining deck in the center of your table.
  6. Give the Crown to the nicest smelling amongst you.
  7. Pick up your hand, it’s time to meet the Creatures.
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Meet the Creatures

Clanning Creatures: 10 kinds of creatures that form their own Clans. Clanning Creatures are divided into 3 groups, Highland, Lowland, or Anyland, determined by the Land(s) that they’ll inhabit.

Wild Creatures: Creatures that CAN’T form Clans of their own but can join any clanning Creature’s Clan.

Free Creatures: Creatures that DON’T join Clans. Instead, they perform an action to serve their current Ruler.

Taking Your Turn

Starting with the Ruler holding the Crown, you’ll each take turns in clockwise order. On your turn, you’ll take actions following each of these guidelines:

  1. FORM a Clan
  2. ATTEMPT to RECRUIT a Clan
  3. ADD a Creature to a Clan
  4. EMPLOY a Free Creature
  5. DISCARD then DRAW

1. Form a Clan

Clans are formed by pairing compatible creatures

The Creatures can come from 2 places

Clans are added to a land in your Kingdom

Other things you can’t do

*Note: There may not always be a discard pile. Do not flip over a Creature to start the discard pile at the beginning of the contest or when the draw pile is completed.

2. Recruit a Clan

Laws you must obey when recruiting Clans

How to recruit and defend

A word about Wild Creatures

3. Add a Creature to a Clan

This action is typically the least utilized, however, it can come in handy on occasion.

4. Employ a Free Creature

The Free Creatures are an intriguing band of misfits. They are not interested in joining a Clan. Insead they serve their Ruler by performing an action under their direction.

WIIZZZAARD: Move any Clan (in your Kingdom, or a rival Ruler’s) from top to bottom, or bottom to top, of its respective stack.

HYPNOGRIFF: Without looking, take any 3 Creatures from the hand of another Ruler, add them to your hand, then return 3 of your choice.

MOBGOBLINS: Trade either of you top Clans for any Clan currently on the top of a stack in a rival Ruler’s Kingdom. This can’t be blocked!

MINNOWTAUR: Place in front of a rival to imprison them for one turn. On their next turn, the only action they take is to discard the Minnowtaur.

GRUMBLEDALF’S ELVES: Convince a top Clan in another Ruler’s Kingdom to join the Elves’ quest. They are discarded beneath Grumbledalf’s Elves.

5. Discard then Draw

Ending Your Turn

After you’ve taken either 1 or 2 actions, end your turn by doing the following:

Determining the Victor

Crown Over the Cover Your Kingdom Logo at Grandpa Beck's Games

As the contest goes on, the deck will eventually run out. After that, you’ll continue taking turns without drawing afterwards, until every last Creature in each Ruler’s hand has been played. If you run out of Creatures before other Rulers, your Clans are still vulnerable!

After the last Creature is placed, the Magic value of all the Creatures in each Kingdom is tallied and the Ruler whose Kingdom has the most Magic is crowned...THE MOST NOBLE AND SUPREME MAJESTY OF MAGICAL MIGHT!

*For examples and advanced rules, please see the full rules PDF*



Game: Jeff Beck

Development and Production Management: Jeff Beck
Copywriting: Jeff Beck

Illustrations: Apryl Stott


Graphic Design: David Bock and Cathy Bock