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Battle to become the first millionaire by collecting sets of assets. As you collect sets, you’ll stack them in front of you in an alternating pattern. Be careful: the exposed set atop your stack can be stolen with a matching asset or Wild card. If successful, the matching card joins the set. Because of this, every time a set is stolen by another player, it increases in value. Want to hold onto your sets? Then you better Cover Your Assets!

This rulebook is divided into classic and advanced rules. We recommend starting with the classic rules. If you’d like more excitement and strategy, please try the advanced rules which can be found in the PDF on this page. Rule changes for 2 and 3 players are also included in the full rules PDF.

Setup (Classic Rules)

Note: These rules are optimal with 4-6 players. For fewer players, read the classic rules first, then see the PDF.

Landscape Photo of Board Game Representing The Contents of Cover Your Assets at Grandpa Beck's Games

Key Terms

Asset: The individual items you are collecting (Jewels, Comic Books, etc)

Wild: The Gold and Silver cards are of high value and can match any asset.

Sets: These will start as a pair of assets (or one asset and a Wild) but may grow over time. We’ll get to that later.

Stack: A pile that is composed of multiple sets.

Taking Your Turn

On your turn you must take one of the following actions:

Form a Set

You must form a set in one of three ways:

To clarify, a pair can be either two identical assets, or an asset and a Wild. However, you may not form a set with two Wilds or with more than two cards. Lastly, sets in your stack are never combined with previously played sets even if they are the same asset.

Discard a card from your hand, face up, onto the discard pile. There can be a lot of strategy in choosing this action.

Challenge (Attempt to Steal)

The top set in each stack is vulnerable to being taken by another player. To challenge another player’s top set, place an asset matching that set, or a Wild card, in front of the player you are challenging. NOTE: Assets and Wilds are of equal power for stealing, even though they have a different value at the end of the game.

The defender may protect their set by playing a matching asset or Wild from their hand. You may each challenge and defend for as long as you want or are able.

If you are no longer able or choose not to respond, you lose the challenge. If the challenger wins, they take the set. If the defender wins, they keep it. Whoever wins also gets to keep all cards that were used in the battle. As a reminder, any wilds must be placed below assets.

Two additional rules apply to challenging:

Ending Your Turn

After completing one of the three possible actions (form a set, discard, or challenge), draw back up to five cards from the deck. After you’ve drawn, if another player used cards to defend a set during your turn, they draw back up to five as well. The player to your left takes their turn next.


Landscape Photo of Board Game Representing The Contents of Cover Your Assets at Grandpa Beck's Games

Ending the Round

When the draw deck is depleted, play continues until everyone has played all of the remaining cards in their hand. As always, passing on your turn is not an option. If you choose not to form a set or challenge, you must take the discard action.


Tally your score at the end of the round by adding up the value of each card in your stack. Adding them up in piles of $100k each makes this a little easier.

Ending the Game

You can choose the following ways to end a game:

*If you are looking for the advanced rules to play or the 2-3 player modifications, please download the full rules PDF on this page.*

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Illustrations: Apryl Stott