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From Casual Game Revolution

Some card games feel made for a lazy Saturday afternoon of casual games and low-key fun. Nuts about Mutts is one such game, calling to mind the nostalgia of several classic card games while still managing to stand on its own two feet (or rather its own four paws) as a fun, light, family-friendly game....While the basic rules are probably a little too basic for older gamers, the advanced rules for Nuts about Mutts reminded me of several classic card games and those games are classics for a reason. It’s just fun to try to jump in during another player’s turn and lay down the next card in a sequence. Keeping an eye on your cards and on the pile, waiting for the chance to cut in, has always been fun and Nuts about Mutts offers just the right amount of opportunities to do it.The special ability cards add a couple of nice twists, and racing to slap a bone card before another player is always fun. That, together with the dog artwork, gives the game a fun, likeable personality, and makes it worth adding to your collection if you like classic card games such asCrazy Eights or Uno.



From SAHMReviews.com

We love a night of good, fun competition, but with work schedules and extracurricular activities, sometimes we don't have a lot of time to play lengthy board games. What I love about each Grandpa Beck's Game is they are fast paced, designed for quick game play.....Of their four current titles, Nuts about Mutts is probably the most appropriate for younger ages due to the theme. It’s also the newest game in their line, and promises to be as well received as their previous offerings....Something we love about the hobby game industry is finding companies that know what they’re good at. Thrift shops are full of games by companies that tried to expand into areas they knew nothing about. Of course there are big-name exceptions that can afford to experiment in different genres because a failure is but an aberration on their financial statements. But we’ve found that a company that focuses on what they know consistently puts out better-than-average products. Genius Games proves our point with their line of science-related titles. And for challenging single-player puzzles, you can’t go wrong with issues by ThinkFun. This past fall at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair we discovered another company that is excelling with inexpensive and engaging card games –Grandpa Beck’s Games.We met with Grandpa Beck himself and he reiterated one of their taglines, “We will only sell games that we have enjoyed as a family with many friends.” We enjoy hearing that they’re not there to just sell a game to us, but to offer an experience they themselves believe in. This fits right in with what we preach at SahmReviews – that family game play is an amazing bonding and learning experience for everyone. Even better than sitting down and having a meal together.....

Scott, Online Review



From TheresasMixedNuts.com

You all know we are huge dog lovers, and our favorite of the games is Nuts About Mutts. It's a matching game where you pair up a number, color, or dog character. The first one to deplete their cards wins! We love that the cards are bright and colorful, and picture a lot of our favorite dog breeds. If you like Uno, you'll love this game!




From 1StopMom.com's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

(Nuts About Mutts is...)a fast paced hand-elimination game with many unique twists.  The pile in the center of the table is your dogs’ home! You can play a dog card if it matches the color, number or breed of the top card.


My family had a chance to play both Nuts about Mutts and Cover Your Assets. Our family has six members so I like that we are all able to play together. The instructions for both games are very easy to understand.


We really enjoyed playing Nuts About Mutts. My kids are older so we played the advanced way and kept score. I kept forgetting to yell match when we first started playing, but I caught on with no problems. The game can go pretty quick and we had a good time.




From MyThoughtsIdeasAndRamblings.com

Dog lovers?  Kids who love card games?  Adults who like card games?  Nuts About Mutts is the game for you.  It is a hand elimination game with many unique twists.  You try to match the color, number, or dog character in your hand.   When the Mutt card is played be sure to claim a bone card to avoid the need to draw a card!   You also play with special cards including the Dog House, Pedigree, Fire Hydrant, Fleas, and Mutt.  In the Advanced Play version of the game (for ages 8+), cards move fast with matches and runs. Play your cards first and win!

Again, this is a game that is easy enough for everyone in my family to play.  We have had a great time playing it and it’s really easy enough for everybody to play without having to modify it.  You don’t need to be able to read.  It is really a ton of fun! 




I just wanted to take a moment to thank you....

I just want to take a moment to thank you for producing a  family  friendly line of fun games. I see why your family enjoyed them. My kids weren't into a lot of card game until we found yours.


Since a unfortunate or fortunate  knee injury we have become close  to a family at our church and they introduced us to Cover Your Assets®. My oldest daughter and I went out and purchased that and saw your golf and took a swing at it. Needless to say that has also dominated our Friday night card games with both families and has spread to trying to get a card day at our church event.


We were finally able to have your newest game shipped through ebay for Laurel's birthday present.  That  was on Sunday that we were able to give our youngest your Nuts about MuttsTM as her birthday present and she wants to play it every chance she gets. After homework is finished, before bed, and even a round before school. She is thrilled with it. Only one problem she says is there are no German shepherds or Belgian Malinois.Which of course is our family dog.


Since I was then laid off after my knee injury our Friday night game nights have continued. We will be saving up enough to get your Skull KingTM game to add to our evenings. Looking forward to that one and any other releases you have coming. Our family and friends will be on the lookout for them.


M.S. & Family

Cincinnati, Ohio

Great Stocking Stuffers

I am so happy when we can find a game that even my little one can play.  I think my children’s favorite part is when a Mutt card is played and, like musical chairs, everyone has to claim a bone card by putting your hand over it.

Meg Kusi, Online Review



Great Game!  Adorable and Fun!

So so adorable and fun!! Perfect for a gift for that kid who loves dogs! This game kept my kids and their friends very entertained on a snow day last week. They ranged in age from 12-7 and they played for over an hour!!!!! (thats a big deal with 7 kids stuck inside!) The kids told me the game reminded them of uno and spoons mixed together. And as a bonus- it was fun for them to sit and sort through the cards and picked their favorite breed. Such cute dog pics!!

Jami, Online Review