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Golf - A relaxing, low-key card game perfect 

for a Sunday afternoon

Unless you happen to be good enough to play for money, just like golf the sport, Golf the game is mellow and chill. There’s not a lot of pressure. For some, this could mean boring or dull, but I don’t think so. While I wouldn’t pull it out every day or every week, I like the game. I think there is absolutely a place for some low-pressure games out there. How would it be if every movie you watched kept you at the edge of your seat from start to finish? Or if every book or work of art were edgy, heavy, or intense? It’d be too much. There is a very proper place for softness and calmness in the world, especially with all that goes on out there these days.

Braden, Online Review


Great Card Game For

The Whole Family

Received this game as a gift and very happy with it. It has quickly become a family favorite. What's great about this game is that it is simple enough for our 7 year old to follow, yet has an element of strategy to it that keeps our 11 year old and Mom & Dad engaged. Since it's a card game it also travels well, too! Thanks Grandpa Beck!

Annie, Online Review


Perfect Social Game

We got this game a month ago and have played it many times with many different friends. It's super easy to learn and fun to play. Each round plays fairly quick and you can talk to your friends between turns which makes it great to play with friends. Everyone who we've played it with have asked us to bring it when we go to their house. We love games and have a closet full of them, but we have only played this one since we got it. The best part is that it's easy enough to learn that my 6 year old can play it and he his friends to play. As a parent having a game that you don't have to supervise while your kids play it is priceless. I highly recommend this game for kids and adults.

Jennifer Warner, Online Review

A Fantastic Family Game!

We love this game! It's the perfect game to sit around the table and enjoy with your family and friends. And really, it's great for all ages since the concept is not complicated so the younger ones can join in and the adults can socialize without fear of not keeping up. However, there is also plenty of strategy so you definitely won't be bored. Seriously, this is so much better than so many of the other traditional card/board games (I'm looking at you UNO).

Even though I am a golf novice, the golf theme in no way puts me at a disadvantage. However, as I've played and learned more about 'golf lingo', I can see how golfers will really get a kick out of this game. It's a great gift idea for everyone, but even more so for those golf enthusiasts out there. But like I said, I've never played golf and I still absolutely love it.

A great family friendly game!

Loni, Online Review