Skull King

Frequently Asked Questions​


Q: What happens during Rascal scoring when a player uses the Rascal special ability to place a wager, and their bid is off by one?

A: You lose the points wagered. You must still be exactly right to earn a bonus from a wager with the Rascal.


Followup question to the previous question:

  • Q: Do either of the scenarios change when using cannonball?

  • A: No.


Q: When the Kraken and White Whale interact, the rules say that the last one to be played wins. What does this mean?
A: The effect of the winning card is followed -- the first becomes an escape card. 


Q: Loot cards require that both players get their bids exactly right or neither gets any bonus points. Is this requirement the same under Rascal scoring, or can players get any points from an off-by-one bid?

A: You still must get your bid exactly correct.


Q: When Graybeard plays the Tigress does it count as an escape or pirate?
A: Flip a coin! Heads, he escapes. Tails, he's a pirate.