Antiquity Quest

Frequently Asked Questions​

Can cards be rearranged between collections once they are in play on your collection area?

Nope. Once played, the cards cannot be rearranged.


What happens if we run out of cards?

This should happen only on rare occasions. If you are finding this happens often, first double-check that you are following the rules correctly. If it does happen, do the following depending on which rules you are using.

  • Basic: Each player gets one more turn (without drawing).

  • Advanced: All players may add cards from their hands to their own collection areas, then the round ends.


Can I be building or complete more than one collection of the same Civilization?

You most certainly can. The only requirement to go out is to have five or more complete collections, they can be any kind that you are able to create, even if that means all five are the same kind of collection of the same suit!


Can I choose not to draw 3 cards when playing a Remington card?

You must take the extra cards; there is no choice in the matter.


Can I add Antiquities to my own incomplete collection of Treasures?

No, you can’t. 


Can I add Treasures to an incomplete collection of Antiquities?

Yes, you can, but be warned, this turns it into a Mixed collection, reducing its potential value.


Can I draw the 2 cards to start my turn and pick up the discard pile in the same turn?

No, you may not.