Skull King - FAQ

More Games Coming Soon!

Who is Grandpa Beck?

I'm Brent Beck, AKA Granpda, and my wife Tauni and I have always loved playing games with our 5 children, 17(!) grand-children and our many wonderful friends. With a lot of luck, more hard work than we care to admit, and a ton of support from loyal fans, we've transformed our passion for creating games into a family company. It's entirely run by Tauni and I, with the help and support of some of our children and their spouses (as well as our talented and delightful artist Apryl Stott, who we love as much as one of our own and our incredible graphic designer, David Bock).

Where are the games made?

We are a small family business and have tried a few different printers in our quest to create the best product possible.  The bottom of each box will list the country of origin.  We've used printers in China, Italy, USA and are now currently using a printer in Poland. 

How do you come up with the games?

Many of our games are adaptations of classic card games that we enjoyed playing with regular decks of cards while we were raising our kids. From there they have been further developed by our family as we've tested and optimized them, eventually adding a theme art artwork that further enhances the game playing experience. 


Can I submit my game idea to you?

Up until now, we have only produced games developed by members of our own family. That may eventually change, but for now we are not considering outside projects.