Grandpa Beck's Games

Cover Your Cookies


Prepare yourself for sweet success, or watch your good fortune crumble in this spinoff of our best-selling game, Cover Your Assets®. Cookies are up for grabs! Take them for yourself by pairing them into batches. Then stack them one atop the other. But watch out! Your top batch is up for grabs, and can be swiped! Mixer cards and Club Collectors add to the fun in this new family classic.

Begin by matching pairs of cookies into batches. Build the largest stack of matching pairs. Be careful, though—the cookies on top can be challenged and stolen by others, adding to its point value. Cover Your Cookies is great for all ages 6 and up, plays with 3-6 players, and lasts 15-30 minutes of play. It’s addicting and Cover Your Cookies™ will provide hours of fun!

Grandpa Beck’s Games knows how to create fun! With over two million games sold, and best selling games like Cover Your Assets and Skull King, we create games that provide lasting fun, are easy to learn, and bring people together. Whether you enjoy strategy, matching, card elimination, trick-taking, or games of chance, we have a card game for you!

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